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New Selfie Gadget Coming, With Fresh Strategy To Fight Copycats!

The arrival of new selfie gadget has been announced and there is a complete new strategy involved in it which will help them fight copycats in the most efficient manner. … Continue reading

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Rumor Mill: What We Know about Samsung Galaxy Note 4

What We Know about Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Samsung Galaxy S5 might be considered Samsung’s crown jewel but the Note series of alphabets aren’t far behind.

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Virtual Schools: How It Alleviates Financial Burdens for Students

How much are you willing to pay for your future? In the US, 20 million Americans attend college and 12 million of them—60% of the total—borrow on a yearly basis … Continue reading

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A Guide to Owning Philippine Property for Foreigners

Foreigners who are currently living in the Philippines or expats who plan to go to the country to spend the rest of their retirement period, usually want to take advantage … Continue reading

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Gionee Elife S5.5 – AT 5.5 MM THICK World thinnest Smartphone

For ages, manufacturers have been working hard to slim down their devices. Gone are the days when you used to carry a 2 cm thick device with a tiny display. … Continue reading

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How Inflation Rate Impacts Your Personal Finance

Ever wonder why speculations about inflation rate and the prediction of future inflation are so often mentioned in the media? Why should you be concerned about this figure? Inflation rate … Continue reading

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How to Get Back your Repossessed Car

If you are currently financing or leasing a vehicle, you are most likely aware that your creditor has certain rights regarding your vehicle, such as repossessing your car without warning … Continue reading

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