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Tips for Buying a Luxury Apartment

Getting a perfect match for a dream luxury apartment is never easy. Just like different things in life, you’ll have to make trade-offs with respect to facilities, prices, locations, balcony sizes, parking layouts, etc.

A typical luxury apartment involves heavy investment. It’s important to do thorough homework before you take the decision to buy. In my position, as a real estate advisor, I have recommended and helped many first time buyers take the right decision.

So, here’re few aspects that even the most experienced home buyers fail to notice or simply ignore.

Tips for Buying a Luxury Apartment

Tips for Buying a Luxury Apartment

View of the Outdoors and Abundant Sunlight

While decor and architecture are important, what add more value are these two – the view outside and flow of natural light. As the first step, you should find out the degree of openness and whether you will get unobstructed views of the surrounding areas. Additionally, many people buy in if the view opens to a park, a lake or the beautiful skyline of the city. And in spite of the existing view, you should find out if future constructions will change things.

Height of the Ceiling

The beauty of most old bungalows and houses is the extra lavish bit in the height of ceilings. It makes each room airy and definitely a bit more spacious. On similar lines, luxury apartments usually have a ceiling height of more than 12 feet. So, apart from checking the square feet of space, you should ask for cubic footage. And, if the ceiling height is below 9 feet, then you should consider it after weighing other options.

Unique Architecture

What is the unique architecture style followed in this luxury apartment? Is it just like any other apartment block towering in your neighbourhood? Ask more questions about the architects and the kind of style followed in this building. These days, luxury apartments are adopting unique styles that include contemporary designs, aesthetic sense and unique value. Even if you’re not particular about the exteriors, you should enquire about the quality of material used and the artistic value of the buildings you explore.

Noise Level in the Locality

When it comes to noise levels, we have a different resilience for handling the common annoyances. In some cases, home buyers find the noise level irritating or disturbing only after moving into it. Either they fail to understand how different activities surrounding the locality result in these disturbances.

In fact, some luxury apartments are located near busy thoroughfares. Apart from the street noises, your apartment is subject to the sounds of in-house generators and air conditioning units. And it’s better to be safe than sorry. Hence, evaluate the noise levels around the building at different times of the day.

Layout of Rooms Inside the Apartment

An apartment floor plan or blueprint will enable you to assess the floor space in the apartment. Based on that, you can get an understanding of the space used by each family member. Also, find out how you find private spaces when you have guests in your house. Is it easily demarcated or defined? Does the guest have to go through your bedroom to go to the washroom? Avoid such apartments which waste unnecessary space without a real purpose.

Design and Layout of Windows

Many people skip checking on windows or going deeper to understand about the window. If you’re one among them then here’re a few questions. Is it double-panelled and insulated? What about unwanted sound or protection from extreme temperatures. Is it resilient enough to absorb strong winds or blows? Some builders have provisions to change the windows as per your customization. In that case, you can make necessary changes to the window.

Storage Space

Being a typical Indian, we have the overriding tendency of storing, even overstoring many containers, old appliances and furnishings. While a change in this hoarding habit is never realistic, what we can do is organize things in proper storage places. And to have such a facility, we Indians require more than a sufficient share of units in the kitchen area and other rooms. If you’ve had storing nightmares in the past, then ensure that the apartment you’re buying has some unique provisions for storage.

Reputation of the Builder

Never believe a word of the smooth talk sales reps have mastered. When it comes to new builders, it’s important to do background checks. To do that, visit the projects undertaken by the builder, and also collect the opinion of owners from the completed projects. On a site visit, it’s much easier to assess the quality of workmanship.

Additionally, check online for ratings and positive reviews about your prospective builder. Besides that, it’s important to see model houses and read the fine print in their documents. If you find it cumbersome, then you can always hire a real-estate advisor to get a second opinion about the project and the builder.

This Post Contributed by Bharath Joshi, a marketing executive for Unishire Belvedere Premia and Unishire Signature that began with an aim of redefining real estate and creating benchmarks for others to follow.


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