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New Selfie Gadget Coming, With Fresh Strategy To Fight Copycats!

The arrival of new selfie gadget has been announced and there is a complete new strategy involved in it which will help them fight copycats in the most efficient manner. According to the analysis, it is possible that this might be one of the most efficient copycat fight strategies in this area.

New Selfie Gadget

The business person from Toronto credited with developing the selfie stick has encountered the highs and the lows of developing highly effective product. The lows of the process occur when unscrupulous or deceitful manufacturers take advantage of the detonating prominence of the gadget, cranking out modest knock-offs of the market.

Nobody appeared to care enough for the matter that Fromm had a patent for invention, which was named Quik Pod in the year 2005 — two years before, the introduction of the amazingly famous iPhone placed cameras in everybody’s pockets. In this situation, Fromm said that it is exactly the situation when someone takes away your own child from your hand.

When he was looking for the product that seems similar to his own product, he found out that there is a huge camera store in downtown Toronto that was the first to retail his development. That is the reason he’ll adopt an alternate strategy when he releases a new selfie gadget that he has developed. It will make a big appearance on The Shopping Channel later this spring.

The new Selfie Stick – It enables picture takers to attach their smartphone or camera to any required vertical surface. It utilizes a restrictive kind of paste that can be attached safely. However, it can be released immediately when the user turns it free. It is easy to use and less obtrusive than the stick.

The need to obstruct knock-off artist and manufacturers is a lesson that Fromm took in the most difficult way possible with the Quik Pod and it was a wake-up call for designers and inventors of different kinds. This was something that made them aware of another strategy that can help them to protect their patent inventions so that they cannot be part of copycat business anymore.

Big retailers such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy and others respect a patent for the invention and that is why the challenge for copycat fight does not start with big retailers. It is the meddlers that make patent safety most challenging and troublesome. When we talk about the manufacturers who are responsible for creating knock-off products for cheap prices then there is no doubt that fighting them with the right strategy is extremely necessary.

For new Selfie Stick-It, Fromm has thought of an arrangement that has been aimed for competing and beating knock-off specialists and artists. Three models have been developed that comes with three different costs: $4.99, $9.99 and $19.99. According to the strategy, if there will be the presence of low priced model in the market, this will result in a reduction of production interest in knock-off producing manufacturers which will eventually be beneficial for patent product sales and standing.

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