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Examples of 10 Most Visionary Footer Design Websites

A huge number of people use “Internet” every day, but if you ask randomly about the footer design, then only a few people would come in the list, who are aware about footer design. This part of web pages provides opportunities to showcase their creativity in a professional manner and they require at least appreciation by most online visitors. I think many people believe in the statement that the information, which are not important that placed at the bottom of page. But, this is not actually right.

Today, internet users are aware about these types of designs, so that web designers need to focus & give attention at the end of page as well. But, the main focus must be on upper part of the website, including sidebar, navigation and illustration. Above the fold is placed, where the visitors most likely intend their attention.

According to the modern website designs, you can characterize templates and WordPress themes. However, footer design can be customized to meet the interest of users, showcasing your portfolio goodies, increasing the chances to stay engage, “call-to-action” and much more.

Below, there is a collection of 10 most innovative and inspirational footer designs in order to make easy your research. Hopefully, you will like these creative designs and implement in their own website to give a new level.

Hit Reach Web Design and SEO

Hit Reach Web Design and SEOCool website footer design with an illustration. It includes an image of brain and showcases its both parts – logical and creative. I think that designer wants to convey a message that we provide logical as well creative website development. This site also covers few logos of services, including WordPress website, web development, PPC management, e-commerce, etc. Black color is used to separate from rest of the page. A logo of company with few social media and inner pages links, is placed at the end of web page.


csschopperA simple and professional footer design that having few links that help to redirect to the relevant pages with contact details and guarantee logo. That guarantee logo explains how much percentage satisfaction they deliver with slider effect. These types of designs are basically used by multinational web development companies, simple and attractive that have a logical sense. In my opinion, it is one of the best examples of footer design websites.

Duirwaigh Studios

Duirwaigh-StudiosIllustration of this footer design is too impressive that completely utilizes all the content or profile of company in a beautifully way. The contrast background with a funny image, a brief overview of some links like about, contact social media links are also available. I love layout and background of this footer apart from links.


no-refreshNo-Refresh uses the same background for the entire web page, but amazingly used in well-organized way. The footer design of this website is simple yet interesting with blue hover effect. There is no need to go away to search the services, the links of all types of services and others such as blog, contact, FAQs are also managed effectively. At the right-hand side, a creative image is adjusted with a button “contact” and link “ready to go package” that redirect to the page, where all the packages are available of this site.


SnailbirdThis personal website of a freelance web designer utilizes images instead of texts at the end of the page. The portfolio of author is placed with creative design that can attract only kids, not a professional designer.


TapbotsCreative footer that conveys simplicity and eases some illustrations. The images used at the bottom of page are create an interest to click on links and read content. A box to send email-ID and get latest news about Tapbots is given. This site serves a cute appealing icons. Good approach!

Northern Classics

Northern-ClassicsWoh! Cool footer is designed by this Dutch website with the help of images and multimedia that is related to the topic, which is presented on site. It has broken the traditional layout designing pattern with slider effect, few images and links. At the right-hand side of footer, you can see rectangular box that looks like a collection of the same size of yellow pages, which is staple with pin and having some handwritten text. Interesting thing is that few texts has a links and surely desperate visitors to click on them.

Jared Jonson

jardjansionThis format has contact information with navigation in order to attract visitors. Vibrant colors are used with few links in footer.

43 Folders

43-FoldersThe different approach with contrast color, contemporary design and images to bring creativity in footer design.

Seed Hunter

Seed-HunterThe use of tradition footer design that presents progress behind the production team and credits of website in quite an attractive layout.

This Post contributed by Garry Smith, a dedicated web designer of top-notch company – CSSChopper, has shared many blogs that teach you and help in designing website.


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