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7 Must Have Apps for Students

Every student’s digital starter kit… FOR FREE!

Free stuff sounds nice, right? Free trial, free taste, free hugs. Anything that’s for free can indeed attract any student, especially if it’s something school-related. With the advent of technology and Smartphones, it’s almost like the world revolves around them already. I tell you, there are Smartphone applications which can certainly help you with your daily school activities, but without practically costing you even a single dime.

7 Must Have Apps for Students

7 Must Have Apps for Students

 1. Kingsoft Office / Quick Office

 These apps and the likes are practically for reading and typing any kind of documents, even that of Microsoft Office’s. This is very beneficial to students since you always need to check something in that format or even write something fast and send it at once. You don’t need your bulky computer or laptop to pass your papers and projects or send it through e-mail. With any of these applications on your Smartphone, you can practically do your paperworks in no time.

2. Adobe Reader

Yes, there is also an Adobe Reader application for Smartphones. This free app can help you read PDF files so easily without (again) the need for a PC or a laptop. You just have to install it and you can already check your .pdf files and review your lessons or long papers! Most professors and even co-students have their pretty long and bulky files saved in .pdf format to reduce its size. That’s why having this handy app on your phone can be a big relief.

3. E-Books

Although famous novels and books today are kind of pricey in the e-stores, it wouldn’t hurt if you would download the classics and free ones. There are a lot of good titles and good reads which are still free for you to download and enjoy reading. After all, the most important thing is that you give yourself some time to read, learn and enjoy.

4. Planner

 There are a lot of different planner applications nowadays. And the better news is that most of them are free. Digital planners are indeed important for really busy high school and college kids. You need to organize your schedules every now and then to avoid conflicts and most of all, forgetting special occasions and deadlines. It would be a lot easier if you already have that organizer with you on your Smartphone every time.

 5. Music Downloader

Once a song pops out of your mind, you can never stop singing it, even in your head. So in order to stop the agony, download a reliable music Downloader now and get your study or relaxation theme song right then and there. School boys and girls can never get music out of their lives specially this day and age. It’s a must to know the newest hit song and dance craze in town!

6. Dictionary

 A portable dictionary is indeed a very helpful. But even your pocket dictionary wouldn’t be so updated and might seem a little too big for those tiny pockets of yours. It’s a good thing you can install a very updated and reliable digital dictionary on your Smartphone. It’s a student must-install!

7. Grammar Checker

Not so sure if you are able to follow the subject-verb agreement rules? No worries! There are credible grammar checker applications available to aid you on your grammar-nazi doubts.

Technology, more specifically the Internet can really bring make lives easier. The above mentioned applications are not just limited to those. It’s just that they are free, reliable and easily accessible. Let’s see if you can still name more. The comment box below is free of charge as well.

This Post Contributed by Katherine Smithson, a sophomore student who is trying to pave her way through the blogging realm. Through, she is currently venturing modern writing and blogging in different websites and someday be able to make a name in the industry of blogging and writing per se.


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