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Tips For Receiving AED Training Without Paying For A Class

Tips For Receiving AED Training

From this post you know tips for Receiving AED Training. An Automated External Defibrillator or AED as is commonly referred to is a life saving device that sends an electronic shock to the heart of a cardiac arrest victim in an effort to reset its rhythm. However, while professional defibrillator units can be set manually by a professional paramedic or a doctor automated units are designed to be used by regular people with no medical knowledge. Despite these devices being really easy to use the fact remains that knowing how to use them correctly can increase the chances of saving someone’s life. The problem with receiving training is the fact that it’s expensive.

There are many training programs that add AED training to their existing basic first aid course so people who have attended a first aid course in the past will need to attend the whole course just to learn how to use an AED. That being said the good news is that if you have some first aid training under your belt learning to use an AED is a lot easier and may not require that you spend money.

Search YouTube for Training Videos

Search Videos on YouTube for AED Training

Using an automated external defibrillator is really simple and if you already have prior first aid training a few detailed YouTube videos is all you’ll need. The majority of the videos you’ll find will teach you how to place the electrodes / pads on the person’s chest, how to connect the cables and what buttons to press in order to start monitoring the victim. The steps are pretty easy to follow through. However, since AEDs are not as common as semi-automatic defibrillators you should also check out a few videos that detail their use too. Using a semi-automatic is slightly more difficult and will require that you press the ‘shock’ button manually, some units also have manual over ride built into them that allows people with experience to adjust the intensity of the shock based on the victim’s hearth rhythm, age and size. For instance, fully grown yet short people will have smaller hearts, similar to those of kids so a lower intensity shock will need to be delivered either by manually setting the unit or by attaching special cables to it.

Enroll into a volunteer program

Many countries including the US have a disaster volunteer program that citizens can sign up to. These programs are designed to call on trained citizens to work alongside the coast guard and other forces tasked to help people in the event of an emergency. These programs offer free first aid training which includes how to use AEDs, field dressing, firefighting etc. However, you will need to find out what the age limit is on these programs prior to enrolling. Also, some of these programs have a certain quota of people they will enroll. 

Sign up for a hospital newsletter

Visit the websites of major hospitals in your city and sign-up to their newsletter. Among other things the newsletter will also inform people of upcoming free first aid programs. If you are interested you’ll need to send you name, address and phone number via email or enter it into the website. These programs are often free and even if there is a price associated it’s not more than $50 per person.

Buy an AED

Many if not all automated external defibrillator manufacturers offer an hour long optional AED training program for people who buy their machines. These programs are free and are designed to help people use the device in the event of an emergency. If you have someone in your family who suffers from chronic heart problems you may already be considering a purchase. However, these devices are expensive and you shouldn’t have to buy them in order to get free training. Visit the manufacturer’s website to find out how and where the free training is conducted prior to making your purchase.

Many people overlook the importance automated external defibrillator training. There are many first aid programs that are designed without this training in mind. Today, with most public places being equipped with AEDs along with fire extinguishers it is increasing important that people learn to use these live saving devices. That being said you may not have to pay for the course if you go about doing things the right way.

Manu Alias is an experienced paramedic with over twenty years of field experience. He is also a certified paramedic trainer who is certified and qualified to provide AED training to people in Australia. His training sessions are mostly conducted in his Sydney based office.


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