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Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks 2013 – 2010 – 2007

Get best Microsoft word tips and tricks for 2013 – 2010 and 2007 that will help to work faster in your daily work routine. Ms Word is one of the most powerful and widely used word processing tools. It is frequented by many but few use it to full potential. Enlisted are a few tips and tricks that will definitely impress your employer and give you a certain edge over your peers. These simple shortcuts will make you efficient and help you meet your deadlines before time. I would suggest that you open an ms word window and work with these simultaneously to experience the change.

Microsoft word tips and tricks 2013 - 2010 - 2007

Work faster with Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks

Here goes :-

Highlight text quickly

  • Select a paragraph

To select an entire paragraph you need to triple click anywhere on the paragraph.

  • Select a sentence

Press ctrl and click anywhere on the sentence.

  • Select text between any two random points

Place the cursor on the starting point, press shift and then place the cursor on the end point.

  • Select rectangular blocks of data

Press alt key and drag your mouse to select desired data.

Change sentence case

Shift +F3 – this shortcut will help switch between upper, lower and camel (first letter of each word in capitals) cases. This comes in handy when you want to change data typed in upper case to lower case or camel case and vice versa. Just highlight the desired text and press Shift +F3.

Write anywhere on the window

Just double click on the place where you want to write and let your thoughts flow.

Convert copied text

Excerpts copy- pasted from the internet are displayed in the same format as shown on web pages. This shortcut works well in getting rid of the styling and formatting and converts it to plain text. Just select the text and press ctrl + space to convert it to plain text.

Alternative to cut- paste

This shortcut works better than the commonly used cut paste option to shift location of data. Just select the desired data to be shifted, press F2, move the cursor to the new location and hit enter.

Personalize bullet list

This option is for the creative ones who go beyond standard word features. It allows you to custom make bullet designs suiting your needs. To access this option go to –> home tab –> drop down next to bullet icon –> define new bullet –> select a character and then click on ok.

Compare documents

This prominent feature helps you compare two word documents simultaneously by splitting the screen into two. Just open the documents you wish to compare, click on the view tab of the ribbon –> view side by side option and you can now compare the two documents.

Spike option

If you are interested in maintaining a key of the important words and images used in your document then this is the feature to use. It helps you to cut multiple images, text from various locations on the document and paste them all in a particular location or on a whole new page. Instead of cut pasting multiple times this potent tool helps you to select all the desired data and paste them all at once.

To use this tool just click on the data you wish to cut and press ctrl + F3. Now keep doing this for all the data you wish to cut and spike will maintain a database for all this data. Finally when you want all of this data together just click on the particular location where you want it to be assembled and press ctrl + shift + F3.

Edit text efficiently

This is a certain time saver as it helps you switch through various spots that have been edited recently. Just press shift + f5 and you will be able to achieve this. In a new word document pressing this combination will relocate you to the place last edited.

Double spacing

This option is useful when you want an extra space between lines in your paragraph. Ctrl + 2 will enable double spacing and ctrl + 1 will revert settings to standard word spacing.

This contributed by Samaira Rogers, a technical writer and guest blogger who writes on latest technology. Her major interests include MS Office tips, PC security, cyberscams etc. In her free time she writes for her personal blog.


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