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4 Healthcare IT Trends 2014 Here to Stay

This post about 4 Healthcare IT Trends 2014. It was only a matter of time before IT would have forayed into the healthcare industry and bolstered its otherwise untenable position. There has been no dearth of health IT initiatives in the past 2 years, and going by the numbers and the feedback received so far, the Healthcare IT Solutions are only headed to become trendier.

The business intelligence attributes to healthcare has given it wings of its own and as the scene unfolds, let’s look at the trends that oscillate between the future and the present-day scenario:

4 Healthcare IT Trends 2014

4 Healthcare IT Trends 2014 Here to Stay

# More reliance on data mobility

The archetypical ways to send data through papers is no longer a feasible option, with a sense of urgency that has crept into our lives. We need faster data mobilization, and when it comes to healthcare centers where tons of data has to be moved between different departments, the traditional ways would send them back to the golden age.

Thus, they need IT to get rid of all the time consuming procedures and make way for a system that accelerates the way data is being communicated across between different levels. Papers and files have been replaced by databases and faxes have swapped by email apps. One of the biggest advantages of this empowered data mobility is that in the case of emergency, the concerned department does not have to scramble to search the relevant data and there is no gap in the coordination.

# Increased usage of Trackers &Sensors

The digital technology has also bequeathed the medical field with tools that represent overwhelming advancement of technology. The hugely intelligent tools like trackers and sensors are being hotly pursued for monitoring blood pressure, tracking the hours a patient sleeps for in a day or evaluating the fitness levels of an individual through the use of watches.

# Telemedicine Taking Hold

Telemedicine, a technology that depends on costly equipments, is taking giant strides nevertheless. Why? Because high speed Internet is reaching across all cities and villages, the healthcare industry is looking to leverage it and give a chance to people from not so privileged places benefit from Telemedicine.

# Insurers Spreading their IT Wings

With the acquisition of HIE vendors by payers, it can be presumed that the insurers might be taking a step towards digitalization. While, nothing substantial can be deduced right now, the waiting game is still on.

The Healthcare Software Solutions are altering the healthcare environment at the molecular level. On our part, we are keenly waiting to see what IT has in store for the healthcare industry.

This Post Contributed by Peter MIlar, is a prolific writer, who brings to the table a quantum of knowledge and creative writing skills. She works for Xicom Technologies, a market leader in the field of Health IT software and solutions.


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