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The Process Of The iPhone to iPhone5S

Apple Smartphones have become so popular among smart phone users across the world. From this post you read about the the process Of the iPhone to iPhone5S. With new and great innovations of smart phones apple has brought the much needed revolution in the phone industry and market. Apple smart phones have added style to class, which makes them stand out among other smart phones. These smart phones have unique and distinctive characteristics which make them match with the ever changing digital world. Among the smart phones that apple has designed and manufactured include the iPhone 5s and the phone 5c. These two smartphones have very unique features which make them one of the best smart phones in the market.

The Process Of The iPhone to iPhone5SThe iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s comes in three different colors and three different capacity sizes. The available colors include gray, gold and silver. The price of each phone depends on the capacity in terms of GBS. The phone has an inbuilt A7 chip with a 64 bit architecture and an M7 processor. The wireless cellular smart phone supports the GPS and WI-FI networks and has got Bluetooth connectivity. This smart phone has an inbuilt fingerprint identity sensor which makes it more flexible and convenient in terms of connectivity. The large touch screen display makes its operation much easier and faster. This smart phone has a more powerful camera which has a backside sensor fixed with an illuminating light. The camera has strong five element lens with crystal cover to protect the lens.

The camera has an autofocus mode and auto image stabilization settings. The advantage of this smart phone is that you can also take still photos while recording videos. This smart phone has settings for both audio and video calling as well as voice messaging.

The control buttons give you absolute control over the phone, the on and off button and the volume control buttons gives you the ability to adjust the volume of the phone as well as the ring volumes.
This phone comes with a headphone, connectors including chargers and over 50 inbuilt phone applications. This phone supports over ten languages.

# The iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5c comes in four color options namely green, white, yellow and blue. The price depends on the capacity of the phone in terms of GBs; this phone supports both the GPS and the WI-FI networks. It has a multi touch screen that supports various language options. It has an 8 megapixel camera with a five element lens and an illumination sensor at the back. The camera has two focus options, the auto focus and the manual focus. Just like the iPhone 5s this smart phone has over 50 inbuilt phone applications. It also has control options that will enable you to control and manage the volume and other external settings. The phone comes with other external connectors including the headphones and chargers.

# IPhone 5C Cases

IPhone 5c cases are designed to protect your phone from any kind of damages in case it falls down. They are customized to fit with specific sizes of iPhone 5c. In addition, they come in different colors and designs. You can choose your favorite color or design that best suits your smart phone.

The Merits of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c

These smart phones have various advantages over other smart phones; the greatest advantage is that you can be able to take still pictures while at the same time taking videos, the second advantage is that they support many languages and they give you absolute control over the operations and settings of the phone.

This Post Contributed by Sleron is a life-loving girl, in particular, she likes fresh things and work in New York. Sleron has a lot of friends. Like to focus on amateur blog on tech products, so she Looking forward to the arrival of iPhone 5C cases.


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