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Green Cleaning Tips – Healthy Cleaning is Green Cleaning

Read Green Cleaning Tips, what is Green Cleaning ? and Healthy Cleaning tips. Cleaning is something we do every now and then, some more often than others. Still it is a task that has to be done frequently and not just once in a lifetime. As such, special attention should be paid to cleaning materials and supplies. The market provides a wide range of chemical-based cleaning products that are harmful for our health to some extent.

Green Cleaning Tips - Healthy Cleaning is Green CleaningA number of these products can do a lot of damage to our bodies and the environment. Among the unpleasant symptoms might be kidney problems, asthma attacks and skin irritation. All these may be due to prolonged exposure to some metals and chemicals like naphthalene, chlorine, etc.

Lately, people have started to pay more attention to problems of this kind and more and more house keepers choose to go green. What does this mean? It means that they choose to use cleaning products that don’t cause health problems; products that preserve one’s health and the environment as well. Such cleaners are called eco cleaners.

In fact, environmentally-friendly, eco-friendly or biodegradable are all synonyms of green and healthy, when it comes to cleaning. So now, these non-toxic materials are becoming popular day by day. There are many advantages of using eco-friendly supplies, both to us, human beings, and to the surrounding nature.

So what is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning avoids the use of chemicals in the cleaning products. Instead it uses all-natural ingredients that are not harmful to people, animals and the environment as a whole.

The good news is that healthy and safe cleaners can be found in stores. Or you can make some yourself. No matter what you choose, you have to know that green cleaning is available for you.

If you prefer to buy all-natural cleaning products, what you have to look for in the store is plant-based ingredients. Avoid any of the following: phosphates, solvents and harsh chemicals of other kind. In addition, you may look for the EPA’s or DfE’s symbols on the label that show it is an environmentally-friendly product.

So why go Green Cleaning ?

Think about the many pros this will have on the environment and therefore on you. You know that we are all deeply linked with and dependent on nature and if something goes wrong with it, it goes wrong with us too. Furthermore, assuring a healthy clean for your home will be best for you in the first place. Here are several reasons why you should use eco-friendly cleaning products:

# 1. It’s better for children

Even if you may be negligent of your health, you probably aren’t that way with your children. Parents always want the best for their kids and therefore health comes first. One is for sure – you can’t protect your children from everything but you can at least save them the chemicals. What’s more, we all know that children  explore the world by trying and tasting different things, some of them not so appropriate. So using environmentally-friendly cleaners will at least lower the chance of poisoning.

# 2. It’s better for water

The ironies of life. We make sure we provide a clean and healthy environment for us and our families and we use the relevant products for this. However, these products turn out to be contaminating the water supplies that we use. Some of the chemicals in the cleaners are sent into lakes, rivers and mostly into the water system.

# 3. It’s better for the air

Some of the chemicals used in household cleaning products may have short-term health effects. This is due to the volatile organic compounds or VOCs. The latter may affect your kidneys, liver and the central nervous system. Most of the time they remain unnoticed for they stay long after the mist disappears.

So are you already considering getting rid of the chemical-based cleaners? Don’t hesitate, take care of your health.

This Post Contributed by Jane loves, write about cleaning and cleaning tips. She currently works as a professional cleaner at an has a lot of knowledge to share.


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