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Tips | How to Save WordPress Site from Hacking

From this Post i follow up you some importance Tips, how to Save WordPress Site from Hacking. Hackers are not really after your image files, video files or sound files. You may have pictures of yourself in a compromising position, but a hacker is unlikely to care. A hacker is going to want information that will make the hack worthwhile. When a hacker gains access to your systems, he or she will know that their time is probably limited, and will want to gain as much information as they can before they lose the connection. So here are a few tips that will help to waste as much of their time as possible. Hacker is a term that is used very broadly. This article refers to hackers as any form of online criminal, trouble causer, hacker or cracker.

Tips-to-save-WordPress-site-from-hacking# Install a security plugin

WordPress has lots of plugins that help to save you from being hacked on your blog or website. Do not forget that the files on your server that are associated with your WordPress site are vulnerable too. There are plugins that will help to improve your overall security too.

# They often search for the term “Username” or “Password”

There are still some very silly people who store their username and/or passwords on their computers. Hackers are aware of this, and running a search for either of those words is simple. Don’t store your username or passwords in digital form, and if you really have to, then do not call them your username or password.

# Be wary of logging on with unfamiliar computers

Logging in to any sort of account is a risk if you do it from other computers. It is also a risk if you log in to the email address that you have associated with your WordPress account, as people may be able to use your email address to reset the password of your WordPress.

# Mislabel you files to add a little confusion

If you are writing a hilarious screenplay that will make Dumb and Dumber look like Pride and Prejudice, you should not label it as such. Label it as something less interesting for hackers, such as “Danny’s trip to Venice.”

# Do not label your accounts as accounts

Any financial data that you save must be encrypted and saved under confusing names. Feel free to add dates to the files, but do not use the word “Accounts” anywhere. When you store the file off of your computer, such as on CDs, then you can label them as accounts. Bank security questions will often involve new and old transactions, so you need to give hackers as little help as possible. If your WordPress has any form of monetary value, takes in money, charges money, or takes donations, then your accounts pose a security risk to your WordPress site.

# Use web code that has no security holes in it

This is ideally what WordPress does. However, to be on the safe side, you may want to keep your WordPress up to date at all times. This will mean there is less chance of security holes.

# Change your folder permissions

Right click a folder and select properties, go to the “Security” tab and click the edit button. Restrict file permission for reading and writing to the profile that you use. Restrict them from the Administrator or All users or “System” so that if a hacker breaks into your system then he or she has to use your profile to see or use the file.

# Backup files off of your computer, or store them there.

Don’t put your important files on the cloud. Storing your important files on drives and discs that are unconnected to your computer is the best way of physically limiting a hacker’s access to them.

# Avoid famous names at all costs

Do not have any famous names in your document or file titles. Even if you have pictures of yourself with a celebrity, you should do yourself a favor and simply number your pictures. A hacker may only be able to see lists of your file names, and celebrity names will attract their attention, giving them an incentive to stick around on your computer instead of running off to crack someone else‘s.

# They often search for the @ character

Apart from on Twitter websites, this character is only used for emails. Pulling all of the email addresses off of your computer’s online history logs is valuable enough, but if the hacker also discovers your name then the list is priceless. The hacker can send marketing data or malware to your email list and claim that you recommended they do so.

People who store their passwords and usernames on their computers may be smart enough to not label them as a username and password. But they will still leave the “@” on their email. Searching for all the documents containing the “@” symbol leads the hacker one-step closer to finding your username and passwords. Find another way of not using that symbol. Do not use (AT) because hackers are aware of that too.

This Post Contributed by Kate Funk, a freelance writer at She is mainly focusing on technology, gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for networking enthusiasts.


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  1. technolover12

    It is always better to maintain your security issues while running a WP blog, since hacking is one of the major issues that should be tackled to prevent the misuse of your site. There are several stuffs which help you in doing that, just check out and you will get plenty of useful tools.

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