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How To Fight Back That Annoying Telemarketers’ Calls

Have you ever wanted to find how to stop unwanted sales calls ? They can really drive you crazy, especially when you have concentrated in your work or if you have planned to spend some time  with your family and while enjoying your dinner, you suddenly hear the phone ringing. Don’t worry, in this article we will show you a great and very effective way to bite them right in the ass (almost literally:).

Did you know…

1. Most telemarketing firms use the so-called ‘predictive dialing’. What does it mean? Well, basically, their computer automatically dials you phone number. This saves them at about 15 seconds of their ‘precious’ time, since they assume it will take you at least a couple of rings to pick up. When you do, the computer switches you to the first available telemarketer.

2. Telemarketing firms have a very common practice to call the elderly and  give all their best to build a strong ‘friendship’ with them. Once they have established such a relationship, they use it to sell their products.

3. All telemarketers have to identify themselves and the name of the company they represent. Also, it is illegal for them to call before 8am and 9pm.

How to stop unwanted sales calls?

robocalls on my cell phoneThe answer to this question is very simple – The National Do Not Call Registry. It gives you a way to stop getting annoying telemarketing calls at home. All you need to do is register your phone number at After some certain period of time (usually right after your registration), you will receive a confirmation email from the website. In order to make your registration effective, you will have to click the link from this email within 72 hours after you get it. The next day your phone number has to appear on the Registry. If you want to check whether you have done the whole registration process correctly, you can either check the information in the website, or call the toll-free number. However, be aware that the  National Do Not Call Registry do not cover calls from charities, political organizations and people conducting surveys. Also, you still may get calls form companies that you have given permission to call you.

# Other useful tips

Ignoring those calls doesn’t get you off the lists – However, picking your phone up is not a very good solution to. And definitely doesn’t mean that you have solved your problem once and for all. That is why you will have to take some more serious actions.screening calls# Try to be brief

As we already mentioned, screening calls and not answering doesn’t mean that you will stop them from calling. However, you will have to make yourself perfectly clear that you are not interested and you don’t want to waste your time. As soon as they tell you the name of the company they represent (as, in fact, they are supposed to do), ask them politely to put your phone number on their do-not-call list and hung up.

Always be suspicious – Never give telemarketers any personal information or money. This is the best way to encourage them.

This Post Contributed by Jane Mires is a freelance blogger and young entrepreneur. She currently works at


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