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Learn More about Birth Injury Cases in the US

Birth injury cases occur in 7 per 1,000 births. This is why today, we have decided to draw the attention of our blog readers to this major problem which is often caused by the negligence of a doctor, midwife, nurse, or other individual working in a medical institution.

Birth Injury Cases in the US
Here is a short list of the most common reasons why a mother or baby may not have received proper medical care.

  1. Failure of the health care provider to anticipate birth complications with a large baby, or in cases involving maternal health complications.
  2. Failure of the health care provider to respond to fetal distress, including irregularities in the fetal heartbeat.
  3. Delayed performing of a cesarean section (c-section) in the presence of birth complications.
  4. Inappropriately administered Pitocin, a synthesized hormone used to introduce or augment labor.

The risk factors which lead to increased birth complications.

  • Larger infants – They are more susceptible to shoulder dystocia (This is a medical condition in which the shoulder is stuck behind the mother;s public bone.)
  • Large fetal head
  • Vagina breech delivery – The feet come first.
  • Excessive traction – Abnormal or excessive traction put on neck or head during delivery.
  • Small pelvic structure – This state is also called cephalopelvic disproportion and is a fancy way of saying that the size of the mother’s pelvis is not adequate for the child to be born vaginally.
  • Premature delivery
  • Prolonged delivery
  • Oxygen deprivation – It can come as a result of blood loss, or the twisting or compression of the umbilical cord when the mother has birth difficulties.

If you have noticed some symptoms of birth injury after your child is born or even during the process of giving birth, you can plead for a medical malpractice and file claims against the medical institution.

Here are some symptoms which may indicate a problem: the skin of the baby turned blue during the delivery, the baby was not breathing during the delivery, the baby required resuscitation during the delivery, it developed seizure activity after a delivery, the baby needed to stay in the NICU after the delivery, the baby’s body or face had bruises, some of the baby’s organs failed to function properly, etc.

In order to prove that the problem occurred because of the unqualified medical care or the incorrect use of delivery equipment, you need to collect evidence against the doctor, nurse, or another individual who was at fault for the birth-related accident you were involved in. Bear in mind that co-working doctors won’t testify against each other, so you can often not count on witness testimonials.

The smartest thing to do in such case is contact a law firm, dealing with personal injury cases and  hiring a negligence attorney to guide you through the entire legal claims filing process. If you need to find a reliable legal specialist fast you can use the free claims management services of 855-WIN-THE-CASE. We are a company that redirects injured individuals to professional high-settlement winners in the area they live in. Call us now and we will offer you instant help!

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