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3 Precautions To Stay Away From Green Tea Side Effects

These days including green tea in the diet has become the most popular way to lose weight fast all around the world and the major reason of its popularity is that it has great healthy effects along with a unique taste. It is highly rich in poly phenols and considered to be a great medicine for controlling blood pressure and eliminating cancer cells. It has the antioxidants that are greatly helpful in fighting against free radicals which have harmful effects and cause a number of diseases.


It is believed that the use of green tea diet plan enhances the level of energy and helps in losing weight as well. Therefore, it is quite useful especially for those who want to get rid of excessive fat and live a healthy life. This inclusion in the diet improves metabolic rate and it is believed that enhanced metabolism leads to greater fat reduction. The excessive amount of glucose in the body might be converted into unhealthy fat, but the good thing is that a proper diet plan removes unnecessary glucose from human body and prevents fat gain.

Green Tea Side Effects

Green Tea Diet Pills

Green tea diet pills are also available which are prepared with an aim to add more ingredients to lose weight fast. If you are the one who is desperately needed something to lose weight, you might like to have such pills as an integral part of your diet plan for getting faster results in fat reduction in lesser time.


1. Though it is considered to have good effects, it may also cause side effects if not brewed properly. Those who don’t know the fact that extremely hot water can create acidic properties in the cup and may result into heartburn or acid reflux caused by making the mistake of brewing green tea with water higher than 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal boiling point of water for brewing it is 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit which should not be exceeded at all.

2. Another notable side effect occurs when it is prepared with mature and larger leaves. Mature leaves might be high in fluoride and high amount of fluoride might lead to severe health problems.

3. It contains caffeine and the excessive use of caffeine can result in several side effects in the form of restlessness, anxiety, headache, insomnia, nervousness, gastrointestinal problems, irregular heartbeat and irritability. Therefore, it is highly recommended to limit the daily use of caffeine under 500mg to avoid such type of side effects. However, the good thing for green tea consumers is that the regular use of it does not usually reach to the limit of caffeine consumption if many cups are not drunk.

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The green tea diet plan makes one lose weight faster and decreases the risk of high blood circulation in the body and prevents the chances of various types of heart diseases. Though it has side effects, all of them are associated with the brewing of the tea and if you are careful about this part, you can fearlessly enjoy its huge benefits.

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